Heya Cananda!

This past October of 2017 was the month of adventures. Todd & I visited three countries – Sweden, Denmark, and Canada (hello 9+ hour layover!). Honestly, I can’t describe the feeling of stepping outside into a different county. Therefore, I won’t write anything else. Bye.

Just kiddin’ – I’ve got some goods to share. I’m going to post about these travels through a short series on here – so stay tuned!

So, to be honest, Toronto wasn’t that different from the US – especially in comparison to Copenhagen + Malmö. It was nice to get some fresh air and walk around for a bit. It was also interesting to deal with a different currency for the first time – in turn, helping us prep for the more drastic experience we’d wake up to in Copenhagen the next day.

Once we landed, we did some research and managed to hop on the train into downtown where we planned to spend the day. It was a very cold and rainy when we got there – so we scrambled to (1) find wifi, (2) get some money, and (3) eat something. In Todd’s life-saving waterproof Timbuk2 backpack, I kept my passport, planner, camera, a change of clothes, and other essentials I needed for flying and spending the day abroad. After drudging around in the rain for an hour or so, we found a great, healthy spot in the heart of downtown and we both got an amazing bowl of goodness at Urban Herbivore. After this, we explored the city and found some street art, a bookstore, a few famous sights, a coffee spot (the safe haven when you don’t know what to do, amirite?), and eventually ended up at the Amsterdam BrewHouse – a brewery on the Harbourfront right by the famous CN Tower.


At this point, we still had about 2 hours to use until we had to head back to the airport – so we ended up walking up and down the harbor. We got really lucky when we started our walk because the sun came out! We even came across a few comfy chairs right on the water to sit and relax and take off our heavy packs (and sk8board) we’d been carrying all day. As you can probably guess, it started raining right about the time we needed to walk back to the train station. Eventually, we made our way back to to the airport and were well on our red-eye to the big CPH!

Stay tuned for more stories from our trip!


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