Braving the Brisk

After a lengthy holiday break with subzero temperatures, it finally got to 9 degrees! So what did Todd & I do? We seized the opportunity and said, “let’s go for a little hike!” I know, it sounds crazy (it was crazy), but the thought of actually being able to enjoy outside for the first time in weeks seemed so good. It would be worth being a little cold.

So, off we went to a county park outside of our city. To be honest, it wasn’t the best hike. My forehead might have gotten a little frostbitten and the skin around my thighs was completely numb! Nonetheless, it was a sunshine-y day and I was so grateful to be out there. Although I appreciate it more than I used to, I really dislike being cooped up at home – only leaving to go to the store or work (even that’s difficult with these horrible temperatures). We hiked about 3 miles and we had a great time. I love our walks and conversations we have when we’re following a trail surrounded by nature. I feel like those are the moments when we really decide what we want together and what our future will look like.

We have a lot of exciting things happening for us this year. We plan on moving a lot and traveling all over the country. We’re also hoping to get a dog (finally!). There’s a huge pot brewing with all of our ideas and dreams for our life together and I love that they all line up and work together. I really don’t think I could have picked a better partner.

About 2/3 of the way through our hike, I realized how physically miserable I felt. My cheeks were insanely numb and he continued complaining about his toes being numb, too. Needless to say, we were not prepared. He mentioned, though, that we need to suffer in order to enjoy. And man, is that true. I feel like I’ve been hearing that my whole life and it is always relevant. I can look back at any suffering – mild, medium, hot, or fire* – and see that it was so crucial to my enjoyment. They just go hand in hand. We love Minnesota and what it has given us, even if half of the time it was an excruciatingly cold winter (compared to central CA where we grew up).

I can’t appreciate and enjoy how much we have grown and matured without acknowledging some suffering we’ve gone through during our time here.

Cheers to sub-zero temperatures making you appreciate life!

*gotta use the taco bell references when ya can


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