Winter Blues + How I Stay Active

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve been feeling particularly sad about winter this year. It seems colder, darker and I feel a lot less motivated to do just about anything. I’ve really had to push myself to get out and get things done. The main thing that motivates me and makes me feel a sunshine-y mental state of mind is exercise. When I get in a quick workout or achieve a physical milestone for the day, I feel like accomplishing anything else is a lot more approachable.

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I grew up in a huge, warm, suburbia in central California. Todd & I moved all the way to Minnesota last July (2016) – practically at the drop of a hat – not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. Needless to say, the inability to go outside and do something active is not always an option for us anymore – and when it is, you really have to pile on the layers!


I’m one of those people that easily get’s bored with activities; I can’t force myself to do things when I’m tired of them. I try changing up my routine every day and always try to listen to my body and what would feel best. Sometimes, it’s a 15 minute at-home strength training session, and sometimes its a 6 mile run. It all depends and varies based on what want. Sometimes I do more than one a day and sometimes I don’t do anything at all – again it just depends! Here’s a list of all of the activities I switch between.

  • GET OUT: get your snow pants on (figuratively but maybe literally) and go outside! I like to give myself a temperature limit – if it’s about 10, I know I have the gear to feel comfortable. I like challenge myself to go for a walk, run, or hike. As seen in my previous post, there’s always a silver-lining… even if it was miserably cold!
  • INDOOR CARDIO + HIIT WORKOUT: There are millions of free, online, guided workout videos all over youtube. Personally, I like using Fitness Blender. They offer tons of online videos like this, plus some yoga, stretching, pilates, etc. The also have plenty that don’t require any equipment.
  • YOGA: I love stretching it all out at home and pushing myself out of my comfort zone with yoga. It also teaches me how to control my breath better and it improves my horrible posture. Sometimes I freestyle, but I usually use YWA for free, guided practice.

I love accomplishing things like this and being able to check it off of my daily mental checklist. Not only does a little bit of exercise make me feel really amazing afterwards, but it also really helps me put my priorities into focus for the remainder of my day.



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