Surviving a Snow Day

We’ve been getting a lot of snow days here in Minnesota. It seems like they cancel school (which is where I work) once every other week!


When snow days happen, it’s not just because it snowed / is snowing- its because the road conditions are either too dangerous in the morning or will be too dangerous in the afternoon for busses and transportation to & from schools.

For me, that can sometimes mean I’m stuck inside the house all day and avoiding getting on the messy roads.


Have you experienced this before? Days where you just can’t get out – whether its because of bad weather, you’re just not feelin’ it, or you’re unable to?

I’ve brought together my best ideas and things to do on days like this. Accomplishing small & easy goals like these will help you turn your whole day around and make you feel a lot better about taking the day off and being cooped up!

Top 20 Activities for a Snow Day

  1. paint something
    • Create something amazing – even if you don’t know what you’re doing and you have no end product in sight, it will still be fun and you can learn fro the experience. You could also draw & color if you don’t have the best supplies.
  2. organize your kitchen items
    • Go through your dishes, cooking ware, and/or cabinets
  3. venture out for a walk
    • Put on your most practical outfit and head out for a walk – around the block is great & down the street is better!
  4. make yourself some hot tea & cozy up with an old book
    • Or read a new one if you’ve got it at home. You can also look online for free eBooks too!
  5. raid your pantry
    • Dig through your food supply and find something you forgot about. Try to create a recipe with it using only what you already have at home!
    • You can search online for ideas, too (for example, I googled “cream of mushroom and sweet potatoes” – and found a great soup recipe)
  6. look for items to sell / donate
    • Box it up, bag it up, load it in the car for the next time you get out.Post pictures of items that you can sell online (Facebook groups, resale apps, etc).
  7. do some yoga & stretching
    • Freestyle on your own or follow a guided routine on Youtube – like this one.
  8. bullet journal / write something
    • Look online for bullet journal ideas & for creative writing prompts.
  9. play a game or do a puzzle
    • dust off your old games & puzzles and give them another shot
  10. declutter your phone & computer
    • clear history
    • get rid of apps & programs you rarely use
    • re organize your desktop & home screen
    • physically clean your devices – they are disgusting!
    • empty the trash on your computer
    • back up photos from your phone
    • delete old files on your computer
  11. give pinterest another shot
    • It’s still going strong, guys! People are still super active and posting lots of useful information and cool lookin’ content!
  12. rearrange your living room
    • You’ll surprise yourself with your design skills and you’ll be left feeling refreshing and accomplished!
  13. clean up your social media
    • Weed out the baddies on social media and unfollow accounts that you don’t recognize, make you feel bad, don’t interest you anymore
    • Bonus: find accounts that make you happy and inspire you to be a better version of yourself
  14. take a long relaxing bath and unplug for 30 minutes
  15. watch those documentaries you’ve had on your list
    • my current reccomendations?
      • A Tiny House Documentary
      • Planet Earth II
      • Jim and Andy
      • Minimalism
      • What the Health
  16. download a language learning app
    • Brush up on the language you learned a bit of in high school
    • Duolingo is my favorite app!
  17. take a nap
    • When was the last time you were granted this wonderful opportunity? TAKE IT
  18. find a blog you love
    • I wasn’t too familiar with the blogging world before I started my own. As it turns out, there are millions of blogs out there and there are hundreds that are most likely appealing to you!
    • Message me or comment what you’re into for some references to some amazing blogs!
  19. window shop on rental apps, realty websites, and airbnb
    • I’ve been doing this forever and I use the apps to compile lists – just in case I ever go or move to these places!
    • They also give me inspiration for my home in the far future!
    • If you do end up booking a place with airbnb, you can use my code!
  20. make a calendar, plan, and grocery list for eating for the week
    • If you feel like you aren’t able to make one for yourself, you can download mine for free here!



5 thoughts on “Surviving a Snow Day”

  1. Hello. How are you? enjoyed your blog today and what part of Minnesota do you live, I used to live in Duluth Mn. With winter storm Xantos on the way, supposed to hit later though. I put a few ideas in a notebook. Here there is no shortage of projects that need to be done or to have fun with. Hope your having a great week end. Annarose

    Liked by 1 person

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