Cold Feet & A Mathematical Proof

We’ve all been there, right?

On the verge of something new.
About to make a huge leap into the unknown.
Waiting in purgatory between the old life + the new.

Real talk – that’s where I am. We are about 6 weeks away from leaving our home in Minnesota to start on our grand, new adventure – and our feet are frozen – literally (as in, there is an insane snowstorm happening right now) and figuratively (we’re a little terrified).


I realize the best way to lay this all out and really evaluate what’s going on is to write + find solutions.

At the very least, that’s what always seemed to help me when I was getting my bachelor’s degree in math. I would take a look at the assignment or what I had to prove – and I would just write the beginning of the problem, or the “givens”, down.

I would write exactly what I saw happening and let my mind relax for a second. Then I would try to figure out how to solve or prove what I needed to.

By the time I finished writing the assignment down, I would usually have an idea regarding how I could approach the solution.

Although it didn’t always work out so magically, it always helped in some way – and it definitely made me feel like I had more control, concentration, and grasp on the situation.

If I still couldn’t complete it, at least I had a memory of what I would need to eventually do (writing really helps me remember things, does it do the same for you?).



So that’s what I am doing here today, I’m going to write down the problem, and let the solution flow.

And just maybe, by the end, I’ll have completed my proof – full circle.

*fingers (and toes) are crossed*

Maybe, by the end, I can add the triumphant “Q.E.D.”

This stands for “quod erat demonstrandum”, which is typically written at the end of mathematical proofs to indicate it’s completion.

T H E   P R O O F

So let’s begin, shall we?

  1. Given the following, prove that you must try out another lifestyle and leave Minnesota.


  • We must leave Minnesota
  • We want to travel
  • We do not have any financial ties
  • Our lease is ending
  • We want to try new things

A few months ago, we put the idea of moving out there. We wondered what life would be like as travelers and together, we decided that we wanted it to be our future – more than anything else.

We told our friends, family, and even wrote about it here. We have been extremely excited. We know this is our future – and we know this will happen.

Since telling the world about our plans, weeks have passed. We have 2 goals in mind at this point – save money & sell our stuff. In my opinion, we’ve been doing a great job a this. Both Todd & I have been working a TON and have serious financial goals in mind that we are driven to achieve.

So here’s the problem in the middle of my proof.

Here’s where I see the sticky situation.


We are about 6 weeks away from moving. Need I remind you we still don’t know exactly where we are going? A little scary – but to be honest, it’s the least of my worries.

What’s really hitting us right now is the fact that life, here, in Rochester, MN, is very easy. It’s affordable, we both have great jobs, the Spring, Summer, and Fall are breathtaking, and we love our house.

The other morning, my first thoughts when I woke up were, “It’s going to be so weird to not have a home, to not have a base, to not have a place with all of our stuff… with our set permanent life.” It seemed unsettling.

You can see the issue now, right?

We want a challenge – in fact we’re craving the challenge our future is holding for us, but there is a part of us wants to be in this comfort zone.

A few nights ago, a friend asked us, “what are you most excited about?”

Our responses:

  • not having so much “stuff”
  • only having our essentials
  • feeling refreshed
  • traveling
  • collecting moments
  • discovering new places to hike and enjoy outside
  • discovering and trying new hobbies

We can’t have these things if we stay in our comfort zone.

We can’t have these things if we try to keep our toes warm in Minnesota (ironic oops).

We can’t have these things if we just decide that math problems and proofs are too hard – or they’re over our head and we can’t even try to tackle them.

If we really want these things – we have to scavenge for solutions and make this work. The best things in life aren’t easy – everyone’s heard that before.

We just have to work through this and acknowledge the truths and desires we have within us.


yaaass kween


Do you have a complicated life version of a mathematical proof?
Let me help you out!

P.S. This is, for real, how I get my students to write proofs in Geometry.

How to Write Your Own Proof

  1. Start by writing your givens.
  2. Leave some blank space.
  3. Write your final solution.
  4. Figure out what’s really preventing you from solving the proof? What is the actual problem. What does this missing piece of your puzzle need to tell you?
  5. If you don’t already have a good idea of ways you can fill in your proof’s blank space. Search for ideas – call a friend, look at social media, search hashtags, use google, search for it on pinterest, ANYTHING. Ideas will come and be sporadic but eventually they will bind and mesh together and take you to the final destination of your proof.Here’s an easy example to get you started:

    I want pizza, I can’t eat gluten, my car broke down & I can’t go to the store.

    I’m about to eat some pizza.

    Now go find out how to get some pizza!!


I’d love to see what proofs you come up with, too! Share below – even if it’s incomplete. Me & my followers might be able to help you out!

Also, did you like this post? I have been thinking about taking a turn with my blog and covering more lifestyle topics with a mathematical twist!

Let me know what you think.



3 thoughts on “Cold Feet & A Mathematical Proof”

  1. Cool post! I can definitely understand the cold feet, this is a big change! When you’ve actually moved and you begin this new chapter, you’re going to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Hang in there and keep up the good work saving money and selling all your stuff! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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