Hello! I’m Emily.

I created The Cultivated Theorems to archive and organize all of the solutions I’ve come up with to try to handle my life. Whether it’s something funny that happened to me one time, long rants about self-love, a recap on a fun day, or an easy ways to make some delicious food, I’m your girl and this is your go-to blog.

I am 25 years of age and I was born in raised in Central California – home to all things agriculture, oil, and American. I have my Bachelor’s in Math and I try to use the logic and approaches I learned in my everyday life. Proofs, problem solving, and creating charts + tables are my thing.

I am currently adventuring about an hour away from Minneapolis, MN with the love of my life. This year, we plan to move across the country again and try something new! We love to spend as much time as we can outside and embracing this beautiful earth given to us. I also love to create – whether it’s writing, doodling, cooking, painting, or making music. Currently, I am a substitute teacher by day and a self-taught chef + exercise-in-front-of-my-laptop person by night.

My inspirations?
America’s Test Kitchen, Laura MillerDana from minimalist baker, my deceased childhood pet, my parents’ cooking, and my really cool husband, Todd.