Build a Bowl + Protein Prep

A few times a week, I find myself at a standstill wondering what I can eat that will be easy, fast, fresh, and healthy. I always end up throwing a bunch of produce in a bowl with grains & legumes – topping it off with some spices, sauces, and fresh herbs. Sounds amazing, right?



How to Build Your Bowl

Mix and match as many ingredients as you like!

An easy recipe for cooking beans is at the bottom.


Black Bean
Navy Bean
Soy Bean
Pinto Bean
Garbanzo Bean

White Rice
Brown Rice
Wheat Berries
Red Cabbage
Bell Pepper

Nutritional Yeast (get that b12)
Green Onion
Hot Sauce
Salad Dressing
Olive Oil
Yogurt Alternative
Vegan Mayo


Canned beans & frozen rice can get pretty pricey if you’re using them up a lot. I recommend prepping them ahead of time. This way, you can just throw it all together in a bowl (or even pack it up easily for lunch).

So how do I prep? Dry beans + the good ol’ Crockpot and making grains ahead of time. I store them in large airtight containers in the fridge so I can use as much as a I want when I need.

Rice + Grains + Quinoa
Cook according to directions – BONUS add buillon cubes, broth, your favorite spices, or just a teaspoon of salt for some extra flavor.

Slow Cooker Beans
Prep time – 15 min
Cook Time – 16-24 hours
  • Bag of beans (under $2) – any type
  • 1 tsp cumin
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp chili + lime seasoning

1. Rinse bag of dry beans in colander – sorting through and taking out any unwanted beans, rocks, etc.

2. Add dry beans to slow cooker and fill with water. Let soak either overnight or during your workday (8+ hours) – making sure not to turn it on.

3. Strain beans in colander over sink and rinse thoroughly. Rinse out slow cooker pot.

4. Add beans bank into cooker and add all spices + salt. Add water to fill line. Place cooker on “low” for 8+ hours (10-12 hours for garbanzo beans) (overnight is best!).

5. Check if beans are fully cooked (I usually take a spoonful and try about 5 and check consistencies). Strain, rinse, and store in airtight container in fridge. They should be good for 1 week!

Heya Cananda!

This past October of 2017 was the month of adventures. Todd & I visited three countries – Sweden, Denmark, and Canada (hello 9+ hour layover!). Honestly, I can’t describe the feeling of stepping outside into a different county. Therefore, I won’t write anything else. Bye.

Just kiddin’ – I’ve got some goods to share. I’m going to post about these travels through a short series on here – so stay tuned!

So, to be honest, Toronto wasn’t that different from the US – especially in comparison to Copenhagen + Malmö. It was nice to get some fresh air and walk around for a bit. It was also interesting to deal with a different currency for the first time – in turn, helping us prep for the more drastic experience we’d wake up to in Copenhagen the next day.

Once we landed, we did some research and managed to hop on the train into downtown where we planned to spend the day. It was a very cold and rainy when we got there – so we scrambled to (1) find wifi, (2) get some money, and (3) eat something. In Todd’s life-saving waterproof Timbuk2 backpack, I kept my passport, planner, camera, a change of clothes, and other essentials I needed for flying and spending the day abroad. After drudging around in the rain for an hour or so, we found a great, healthy spot in the heart of downtown and we both got an amazing bowl of goodness at Urban Herbivore. After this, we explored the city and found some street art, a bookstore, a few famous sights, a coffee spot (the safe haven when you don’t know what to do, amirite?), and eventually ended up at the Amsterdam BrewHouse – a brewery on the Harbourfront right by the famous CN Tower.


At this point, we still had about 2 hours to use until we had to head back to the airport – so we ended up walking up and down the harbor. We got really lucky when we started our walk because the sun came out! We even came across a few comfy chairs right on the water to sit and relax and take off our heavy packs (and sk8board) we’d been carrying all day. As you can probably guess, it started raining right about the time we needed to walk back to the train station. Eventually, we made our way back to to the airport and were well on our red-eye to the big CPH!

Stay tuned for more stories from our trip!

Current Morning Essentials

A little disclosure about myself: I’m a substitute teacher. To most people, that means I go to schools every day and I monitor student behavior and give them a “free” day. For me, it’s a little different. Since I’m temporarily living in Minnesota, I decided to work this job because it gives me a flexible schedule and I am able to teach what I love – math! That being said, I typically sub for upper grade levels for math teachers at a variety of schools. My schedule is never consistent.

How do I cope with that? A few essential tools: my planner, a cup of coffee, and a consistent, quick breakfast.

The Planner: I use Passion Planner and I try fill it with EVERYTHING. Not only to keep myself feeling organized, but to keep a journal. I record my sub jobs, planned workouts, how often I floss, self-care rituals, doodles, inspiring quotes, personal goals… all of it. As each day presents itself, I scramble for spaces in my weekly layout to make a visual representation of my life and how I spend my days. My planner is an essential because it makes my hectic schedules and endless priorities fit together perfectly, but still allows me I have lots of free time in between.

Disclaimer: more planner rants + raves to come.

Disclaimer: more planner rants + raves to come.

The Coffee: Coffee is life. We all know that. The rituals of french pressing, cold brewing, and even pouring the packets of instant coffees bring a sense of hope for my day. Even if I’m waking up at 6 AM instead of 8 AM? I can freaking do this.


My favorite lately? Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. You can get a whole bag of it, or little instant packs, too!I can’t get enough of this stuff. I get the instant coffee packs that are fortified with cordyceps and chaga mushrooms to give me that extra alertness throughout my day. This coffee actually uses half the amount of caffeine that you’d typically get in a cup of coffee – but those mushrooms give you a natural energy that coffee has nothing on. Bonus! No caffeine crash – AT ALL – seriously… it makes you feel amazing. Those mushrooms seem like they’d be kind of gross right? They aren’t. Somehow they take all of the bitterness and some acidity out of the coffee and make it taste extremely smooth and very easy to drink. I jumped from regular coffee (or cold brew concentrate) w/ almond milk to the mushroom alternative and it is l i f e  c h a n g i n g. This is the future.

What better way to help my ever-changing schedule seem a little more smooth? The smoothest cup of joe. Also, have you seen these cups – I got some for Todd for Christmas and they are so cool! And they work so perfectly. They have a little hole in the bottle so that it doesn’t fog up the glass, too!

That Quick Breakfast: Oats! Oats! Oats! I eat oats just about everyday. As a sub, I NEVER know when my next break to eat will be. Could be at 10:30? Could be at 1? Oats hold me over no matter what. I dress them up – a lot – though. Regularly, I add peanut butter, almond milk, chia + flax seeds, and frozen blueberries. Sometimes I throw in chocolate, quinoa, banana, agave, coconut flakes, other grains… it all depends on my mood and what we’ve got available. Any way, it’s always good, comforting when I didn’t want to get out of bed in the first place, and makes me feel ready to get out the door without the fear of being deathly hungry by 10 AM.