A Recipe for Trigonometry

Creating & developing recipes reminds me a lot of something I did back in high school Pre-Calculus.

In short, we were given a bunch of identities and we had to use them together to make something equal something else.

They were called trigonometric identities – and we had to use them like puzzle pieces. It was difficult at first, not going to lie.


There were a lot of failed attempts. There were a lot of times I thought I was on the right track and realized halfway through that I was headed in the wrong direction. I had to start all over again from square one.

Creating recipes is A LOT like solving these equations. I start with ingredients. I lay them all out, and I think, ‘How can I use these to make ­­­­_______?’


I consider all of the possibilities and ways these ingredients can go together. I think of all of the ways I can utilize cooking, mixing, and manipulating. How can I chop, dice, heat, chill, etc.

The possibilities are endless – and it’s really exciting! However, it can also be extremely overwhelming. The fact that there are so many ways to tackle and create the recipe makes me question:

“What is the best and simplest way I could do this?”
“Which would require minimal effort?”
“How could I use the least amount of ingredients?”
“How can I make this easy for people to understand?”

Once I figure out what I want to do & how I will do it – I have to begin the process. I have to test it out and see if my ingredients + process will actually perform well together and will give me a satisfying food in the end.


Sometimes, it works out perfectly.

I only have to prepare it once, photograph it, and get it ready for the blog because it tastes great and I feel confident that others will enjoy, too!

Other times, it’s a disaster!

I have to stop halfway through and start over. I have to re-evaluate what‘s going on, what I want the end product to be, and create a new game-plan.

In the end, I finish everything up and I am satisfied with how I used the ingredients, the process and steps for the recipe, and of course, the end product is delicious!


So what does this have to do with Trigonometry?

EVERYTHING. Equating Trig Functions feels the same way creating recipes feels.

The frustration, the creativity, the rigor, the requirement to start over halfway through because of failure, the satisfaction at the end – it is all there.


Here’s an example of this type of trig equation.

If you have difficulty following along – just remember – it’s like making up a recipe!

I start with some givens – which are referred to as “trig identities” – like ingredients.


I have to use these identities together to prove that two things are equal.


At the end, once I figure out the best, simplest way to solve the puzzle (again there are TONS of possibilities to tackle this equation), I have a clean, neat answer – so satisfying!


Tell Me:

Have you ever created a recipe before? Did you feel these same emotions and go about it this way – that is, like a puzzle?

Let me know what you think – I’d love to hear your input!

There aren’t enough STEM related posts about food (are there any?).

It can answer the age-old question math students are always asking – “When am I ever going to have to use this?”

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Write What you Want – Travel Goals

I’ve been thinking about my future a lot, lately.

Specifically, I’ve been wondering where I’ll travel next and what types of experiences I want to have in the future.



Just to give you some background, I’m the type of person who is always changing their plans.

One week I have a grand idea to move to a big city and the next I’m thinking about going off the grid and living in a van. That being said, I want to experience as much as I can and I want to try everything!



At this point in my life, doing the same thing everyday seems impossible. I substitute teach – which means my job is different every day. I make up new foods to eat. I change up my exercise routine. I shift furniture around in my house. And I try to get out of town and take a break from reality as much as possible. Right now, doing new things & changing my routine is fun & exciting for me!



A recurring wish of mine, however, is to TRAVEL. I want to get out there and see more, do more, and feel more. I want to get lost and feel like I’m on another planet – surrounded by everything I know nothing about.

Here’s a list of places & things I have been craving to experience lately:

Spain – I want to see Gaudi architecture and try new foods. I want to feel immersed in a foreign language and culture, stay in hostels, and meet people completely different than me. I want to visit world renowned landmarks and take pictures of everything.

Costa Rica – actually – the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica. Its a resort where you can hang out with sloths. If you know me well, you know why. If not, you should know that I have a lifelong obsession with them. They’re cute little smiles melt my heart. I also really want to be in South & Central America and learn about the cultures there.

Seattle – A huge, busy, city surrounded by water + mountainy landscape. Its a dream come true!

Mexico – My desire to visit here is pretty recent. For some reason, Mexico has a bad reputation for Californians. I really want to go there now because I want to experience the culture and get more familiar with the language. Also I’ve heard it’s a vegan friendly country, too!

Redwoods – California – being surrounded by a gigantic army of majestic trees is right up my alley. I need this. I want to see the sunlight bursting through the forest and camp and take deep breaths and hike forever.

Paris – Yes, everyone tours and travels Paris, but it seems too good to NOT experience. I want the food, the BREAD!!, the art, and music.

Norway – When we were in Sweden & Denmark, we wanting to go up to Norway, too, but didn’t have enough time. I liked experiencing Scandinavian culture, so it’s necessary I visit here, too.

Sweden – we went there last year, but we only went to Malmo. I want to see Stockholm!

Yosemite – I don’t actually know if I’ve been here – maybe when I was a baby? I can’t believe I used to live only a few hours away and never went. I know multiple people that claim its their favorite place in the world – so why haven’t I experienced it, yet?!?! I’ve gotta go!

Portland – I actually just want to live here tbh, but it seems so fun! So much to do and see and it seems so beautiful and green!

Austin – I keep hearing about it – it seems like a great up & coming city with a lot going on

Netherlands – my friend went here last summer and her pictures were so amazing. It looks so fun.

Thailand – the food – obviously – but I’m craving being immersed in their culture. It seems other-wordly!

Hawaii – a tropical destination that everyone wants a vacation to, right? Plus the hiking there looks AMAZING! And the climate seems great, too.

Morocco – THE COLORS – I have some family that lives here and I’ve been wanting to visit ever since I heard about it. It seems so colorful and fun and the food seems amazing too! It’s also right across the water from Spain – so maybe I could do a 2 in 1!

South Africa
New Zealand
San Diego

Wouldn’t it be so awesome if I could look back on this list years from now and say “I did it! I went to all of those places and did all of those things!”

I like writing things like this down because it makes it feel more likely to happen. Putting it out there and being intentional about my goals for traveling forces me to let them float in the back of my mind. I feel like a few of these places are already in my future this year, which is really exciting!

Here’s a challenge for you:

  • Make your own list for travel goals!
  • Where do you want to go?
  • And why?
  • What’s in store for you there?

Comment here and share with me! We’d love to see what you want and hear about more amazing places to travel.